I have been drawing cartoons for many years. The title of my cartoon panels is THE

LITE STUFF. The premise of my cartoons is that America has a predominantly

commercial culture.  My cartoons fit right into this culture.  I use the methods of

commercial advertising to look at everyday objects (stuff) and events from a humorous

(lite) perspective. The humor often comes from the interplay between word and object. 

So here goes.

The Lite Stuff


Mark Doeffinger

August 17: An automatic drawing.

August 18

August 19

August 20

August 21

August 22

August 24


August 25:  Trees are like people, at least in ancient Greece.  In Greek mythology Apollo pursued the nymph Daphne.  Daphne called on her father to help her thwart Apollo’s advances.  Accordingly, her father turned her into a Laurel tree.  Apollo wore the branches and leaves of the Laurel as a garland crown.

This photo appeared in the Rochester Erotic Art Festival (May 2009).


August 26

       PEN KNIFE

August 27

August 28: An automatic drawing

August 29