I have been drawing cartoons for many years. The title of my cartoon panels is THE

LITE STUFF. The premise of my cartoons is that America has a predominantly

commercial culture.  My cartoons fit right into this culture.  I use the methods of

commercial advertising to look at everyday objects (stuff) and events from a humorous

(lite) perspective. The humor often comes from the interplay between word and object. 

So here goes.

The Lite Stuff


Mark Doeffinger

Dec. 20: Since I live in the Detroit area I thought I would post this cartoon before I resume the holiday cartoons Monday.

Dec. 21: One of my early Christmas cards.

Dec. 22: A Magritte Christmas snowman

Dec. 23:  An early card also in Coupon Clippers.

Dec. 24: Another early card

Dec. 25:  An old card but still apt.  Merry Christmas!

Dec.26: Back to reality until New Year’s.

Dec. 27: This year’s tree is an installation.  The ribbon is tied to the chain of the chain saw. A cartoon tree since I’ll turn it into a card.

Dec. 29: This sort of has something to do with the new year.

Dec. 30: This fake ad would make a pretty good real ad.  That’s how it goes in a consumer society. This cartoon appeared in  editor Randy Schwartz”s THE RIGHT ANGLE, a math publication of Schoolcraft College.

Dec.31: This reverse food pyramid is especially appropriate for the holiday season.


Jan. 2