I have been drawing cartoons for many years. The title of my cartoon panels is THE

LITE STUFF. The premise of my cartoons is that America has a predominantly

commercial culture.  My cartoons fit right into this culture.  I use the methods of

commercial advertising to look at everyday objects (stuff) and events from a humorous

(lite) perspective. The humor often comes from the interplay between word and object. 

So here goes.


The Lite Stuff


Mark Doeffinger

March 8

March 9

March 10

March 11

March 12: Apropos of the Oprah interview.

March 15

March 16

March 17: Happy

St. Patrick’s Day!

March 19

March 22

March 23: The eye’s iris, like fingerprints,

can be used to identify a person.

March 24: A play on the German book title “Sein und Zeit, Heidegger’s  philosophical

work “Being and Time.”

March 29